The Besieged Farmlands lair is located on the bottom right area of the map. 

By completing the three missions with your team, you will each get three summoning essences. As explained in the article: Introduction to Lairs, these essences can be used to summon lair bosses, which will award loot such as signets and distillates. 


Notes for this area: 

The lair consists of a large area with three levels. You will need to go to all three levels in order to complete the lair missions. Be sure to follow your raid team at all times. If anyone dies during the lair, notify your raid and wait for them to return before continuing on. Always remember to run back in anima form.


Lair overview map: 

 BF Lair map




Just as all lairs, there are three missions to complete. The missions can be found at both entrances to the lair. Make sure you have picked up all missions before starting. 


Mission 1: Blessed Are the Makers

Severed statues litter the monastery. A great sculptor once chiselled these forms, not only for the sake of art, but to encapsulate sacred powers that could oversee and protect the monastery. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Retrieve the head of a statue
  • Retrieve 7 broken pieces of a statue
  • Retrieve the pedestal of a statue


Mission 2: Conservation

Many statues are broken, but there is the possibility there may still be an intact statue somewhere, still warding what remains of the monastary. Search for and protect the last remnant.

Tier 1 of 1

  • Search for a statue that has not been defiled
  • Examine the statue
  • Defend yourself


Mission 3: Midnight Mass

The monastery crumbles under the weight of its transgressions. The protective statues, once blessed by Cucuvea, are now crusted with blood. Show these undying worshippers the meaning of death, and restore hope to this wretched place. 

Tier 1 of 1

  • Kill 3 Hungry Mourners
  • Kill 12 Members of The Queen's Sect
  • Kill 18 Penitents and The Bloodied Earth
  • Purify 5 desecrated statues


Summoning lair bosses: 

The lair bosses must be summoned at one of the summoning pedestals within the lair. The most commonly used one is on the first level, as marked on the map. Read more about the besieged farmlands lair bosses in the links below: 


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