The Rising Apocalypse - pt.3

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The Rising Apocalypse - pt.3

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Raishana spent part of the day speaking to Mrs. Pratiarch and investigating Mr. Pratiarchs office. The door had been ripped off the wall by something with large hands and claws. His office was filled with shelves of old books; mainly dealing with the paranormal and ancient history. There was another section with medical books on the human genome and genetic engineering. Blood stains were all over the room from where Mr. Pratriarch had been ripped to shreds.

"Tell me detective, do you believe in the paranormal?" She heard Mrs. Pratriarch ask. She looked towards the door to see her standing there, holding a glass of red wine. "Yes, I do actually. Why do you ask?"
"I ask because it should be very clear what killed my husband. It was a werewolf." When she mentioned a werewolf, a cold chill went up Raishanas' spine. For a brief moment, as she looked into Mrs Pratriarchs eyes, she saw something: her eyes went from their normal hazel blue to a crimson red and back again. "Why do you say it was a werewolf, Mrs Pratriarch?" Raishana asked. "Please, call me Joanna. And because I am firm believer in the supernatural. Unlike my husband who was strictly a man of science." Joanna replied.

Raishana did notice one thing missing from the office. "Where is your husbands computer?" She asked pointing to indentions on the desk cover where a computer did sit. "The computer was destroyed when the monster attacked my husband. So I sent the remains of the hard drive to our main facility to try and recover the information on it." Raishana walked over closer to Joanna and decided to switch tactics. "I am sorry for your loss Joanna. I've never lost anyone, especially the way you lost your husband. Could you tell me what your husband was working on?" Raishana knew she was taking a big chance asking questions about the family business, given she could tell Joanna was strong willed and not easily shaken. That or she was just very good at hiding her true feelings.

"My husband worked on a number of projects. GenTech is a family business but my husband was responsible for all the research projects. I was just in charge of public relations." She replied as she drank the rest of her wine. Joanna walked down the hallway and down the stairs, making her way to the kitchen. Raishana decided to follow her. As she made her way down the stairs, her cell phone began to ring. She pulled it out of the jacket pocket and the caller ID was showing unknown caller. She decided to answer..

"Hello. Who is this?"
"Detective Raishana. Please listen carefully. I have information regarding what happened to Mr. Pratriarch. Please meet me at Oracle Park tonight at 2200." It was the voice of a woman; judging by her accent she was American. Before Raishana could respond, the woman ended the call.

Oracle Park was a public relations project done by GenTech a couple of years back. Bio-engineered trees, streams of crystal clear water and several play grounds for children. It was also popular for late night joggers and under 24hr security surveillance with fifteen police officers on rotation. Whoever the woman was that wanted to meet, she picked a perfect spot. Raishana made her way to the kitchen to find Joanna drinking another bottle of red wine: straight from the bottle. She was also crying. Deep down, Raishana wanted to comfort the now grieving widow; but she was a cop and Joanna a suspect. She decided it was time to leave.

Later that night...

It was 2200 hours and Raishana had already been waiting at Oracle Park almost an hour. The park was huge: over two square miles, with twenty different trails and filled with bio-luminescent trees. She had tapped into the parks cameras, seeing as when they belonged to the Johannesburg police; looking for anything suspicious. She was sitting on a bench underneath one of the trees; which constantly shifted colors from blue to purple to green and a mix of the three. After waiting for nearly two hours, she got up and started walking down one of the trails. That's when she started getting the feeling she was being watched. The cold feeling shooting up her spine returned and another feeling: one she never felt before. It was like she could feel the world around her, like all of her senses were somehow overcharged...

"Your feeling it, aren't you?" She heard a woman's voice behind her. Raishana quickly spun around, drawing her .45 and aiming it at the woman. "Who the fuck are you and what is happening?" She demanded. The woman walked closer to Raishana, placing her hand over her gun and slowly lowering it away. Raishana began to feel her world spinning and slowly fell to her knees. "Listen to me carefully, Raishana. There is a power inside you. A power that has made you a target and i can help you control it.."
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